Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Details of the lighthouse dress

My goal this year with my sewing has been to try and reuse as much of what I have already made when I want a new outfit rather then making a whole new ensemble from scratch. So for a new summer picnic dress I chose to reuse a skirt done for a ball gown last summer.
(See previous post for draping of the overskirt) 

The bodice was based on a couple different ideas and due to that it was made with a mish mash of pattern pieces from different patterns. and though it doesn't have the best fit because I was rushing to complete it in one day, I did like the overall look and some of its details like the big buttons on the false bolero

And the little white etched buttons on the false vest front

The little puffed cap on the sleeve was a fun easy detail but the best part of the sleeves was the gathered trim.

I used one of those new wavy edged rotary cutters to cut the strips (yes I splurged and finely bought one). I was surprised it actually worked and cut so well and am looking forward to using it again. So far it looks like it could be a really easy way to make pinked edges which are such a popular trim in almost every era. 

And while my bustling was giving me fits and I was not totally pleased with the shape they created, all in all it's not too far from the fashion plate :)

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