Monday, July 9, 2012

What do you do with only one shoe?

. . . I turn them into pin cushions :) I know the horror and blasphemy of permanently ruining vintage or even antique shoes. But seriously theres only one, it's not as if they could ever be worn and there is only so much room in ones house for pretty but useless objects on display. And yet I never seem to have enough pin cushions on hand . . . 

I start by closing up the shoe either by using its own fasteners or sewing or glueing it closed then I fill the form of the shoe with batting or if it's more open like a T strap heel I cut out a foam form like a foot and then cover it with batting and then cover all that with a decorative fabric and tack it down. 

Then its just a matter of creative license to decorate. I try to have a theme, my favorite is one I did for a friend that was a Victorian boot decorated with dozens of cameos and gold bug charms :) this one I was thinking vibrant reds and lace:

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