Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Empress of India Ball

The Saturday night before we attended the Gatsby Summer Afternoon picnic, we attended a Victorian dance hosted by the group PEERS
All their events are themed and this one was "Empress of India".  So since we were already going to be up in the bay area for the weekend and we both have plenty of appropriate attire to chose from for Victorian English in India we decided to go for it.
Michael wore his mess kit for a British Indian regiment he collects. The uniform is a khaki wool with brown velvet facings and khaki Russia braid passementerie. This is a favorite of mine, aside from the beauty that is this surviving original uniform, it is also the outfit he was wearing when i first met him :)
I wore my Tissot dress as the white cotton lends its self to the idea of being in British India, the shape of the gown is the also correct for the time frame. But the dress was originally made with a day bodice so i made an evening bodice out of left over matching fabric and trim. (oh thank heavens i am pack rat and squirrel away all my little scraps for just such an occurrence as this, the dress having been originally made a few years ago).
we were joined by many of our friends from the bay area that we do the Dickens Fair with and we had a wonderful night of dancing! 
I had my usual girls in attendance so much giggling and shenanigans was had by all ;)


  1. Ahhh I love this dress! Perfection!

  2. Oh wow, your Tissot dress is STUNNING!

  3. Bella, is everything okay and you're just too busy getting ready for Dickens to post? Haven't seen you for awhile.... (athene here...)