Monday, September 16, 2013

Gatsby Summer Afternoon

Two weekends ago was the Gatsby Summer Afternoon Picnic up in San Francisco, hosted by the Art Deco Society of California. The event is held at the historic Dunsmuir Helman estate. The house and and grounds are simply gorgeous and the perfect setting for this 1920's event. And wouldn't you know it I barely took any pictures! Sorry! :(
This is the second year i have attended the picnic (we missed last year to a scheduling conflict) and it was just as fun this year as the last time i attended. We had a better picnic and food set up this year as we are now more practiced at period picnicking. I made cucumber sandwiches with mint, cold blanched asparagus with lemon, prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe and angle food cake with fresh strawberries for dessert. Michael made the drink of choice which is Pim's Cup, a gin based liquor muddles with cucumber, lemon and mint, and mixed with ginger beer. The drinks were cold and refreshing and the food was just the right amount of munchies for the group. 
And what a group we had! our little party was about 7 people but we were surround by dozens of out friends and their own lovely picnic set ups and food. The event was PACKED!! there were picnic set ups and vintage cars as far as the eye could see  :) and the dance floor was a constant crush. In years past the event has always been well attended but i think this year they broke records and that is likely attributed to the recent popularity of the 20's and Gatsby from the Leonardo DiCaprio movie that came out this spring.
The weather this year was very hot! even by Bay Area standards and that made it a little hard to get out and dance for too long and us from spending too much time walking in the sun to say hi to friends. Instead it was more of a leap frog around the lawn from one covered spot to the next :)
While i had originally planned to wear the green 20's dress i had started a few weeks ago i didn't because i wasn't able to get it finished enough to my satisfaction. . . . it just wasn't quite up to my par to be seen in public yet. so rather then wear something i wouldn't be completely happy with i borrowed this lovely original 1930's china blue swiss dot dress from my friend and paired it with my vintage ladies panama hat.
The dress was lovely and i enjoyed being able to wear it for the day. Next year i will wear the green 20's dress after i have had more time to finish, embellish and accessorize it to my satisfaction :)

Michael wore linen plus fours with a burgundy wool sporting blazer trimmed in white. the blazer has the initials H. B. C. crossed oars and the date 1925 embroidered on the left top chest pocket. Those would be the initials for the Harvard Boating Club and yes it is an original from that date. It is one of his favorite pieces and he loves when he can wear it :)
Despite the crush of the crowds, the heat of the day and my two hour struggle with a migraine mid way through the event it was a wonderful day spent in a beautiful setting with all our friends!!

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