Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Gatsby Dress

While I should be focusing on the finishing touches on my wardrobe for the Art Deco weekend on the Queen Mary this coming weekend, I am instead working on a new 1920s dress for the Gatsby picnic in SF in two weeks :) creative procrastination at its finest!

I'm making the dress based on an original I saw come up for auction on eBay recently.

For the foundation of the dress I'm using this pattern:
Which I have made once before and really love the look of!
The fabric is a mossy sagey green in silk chiffon. 
The fabric has the perfect drape for the 1920s. I'm going to add detail and decoration using a silk velvet in the same color, that's the next step :)


  1. I love that pattern, and you did an amazing job on that zig-zagged seam!

    1. Thank you! That zig zag seam was a real b****! Especially working with that silk chiffon, there was much cussing and huffing and tossing the whole thing on the floor only to walk back in about an hour and try again. But the result was worth all the trouble I think :)

  2. I love the look and feel of chiffon but agree its a nightmare to sew with. Your dress looks great!

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  3. So cute! And I like that you're doing an actual 20's style, not 30's like so many people do for that event. I think I NEED to make going to the Gatsby a priority next year. I'll hitch a ride with you if I can't get my crew to go along! ;)

    1. I can't say that 20s is the most flattering or my favorite but its what is right and this pattern goes along way to making a rather severe silhouette lovely :)
      And yes you must join us next year!! And more then happy to swing through and drag you north with us!