Thursday, May 24, 2012

18th century - the dress

So I have finally chosen the style I am going with for the pirate fair! :) I was wavering a lot between the robe a la francais and the robe a l'anglaise. I have decide to go with the robe a l'anglaise because I like the idea of simpler lines for the pirate fair and I love things worn a la polonaise. The real turning point was this extant gown:

As I have this blue and yellow patterned strip which is very similar to this that I was already planning to use. 

I love this one a lot too and am thinking about doing a quilted petticoat in a single non patterned complimentary color.  That can be worn with the bodice of the striped fabric.

I have this golden yellow matalaise that gives the quilted look with out having to actually quilt the darn thing ;)

My patterns are coming from JP Ryan
Even though I was too lazy to use their corset pattern, I really love their dress patterns. As this is an all new sewing era for me I feel it is the easiest jumping off point while still maintaining my historical accuracy 

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