Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lanterman Summer Picnic

This Sunday was the Lanterman summer whites picnic and ukulele rendezvous. It was not an era specific party, though everyone was encouraged to wear their summer whites. The gathering  spread out across the lawn and back yard for the picnic and the house was open for tours. There was even live music for dancing up in the ballroom.

Since the event was not era specific Michael and I chose to use our teens era outfits. Michael in his linen plus fours and blue blazer and I in my original early teens cotton lawn dress with Swiss dot and inset lace. And I finally got to use my new cream walking parasol that Michael had fixed for me, I carried that thing around with me the whole afternoon, I was so excited to use it :)

We did a full picnic set up complete with table and chairs and all our fine china. And I made three varieties of sandwich and home made Madeline cookies :) Michael rounded out the menu with very refreshing gin and tonics to drink.

The weather was perfect, sunny but not too warm. And we had quite a few good friends in attendance, so there was lots of fun chatting and hanging out.

So glad that picnic season is here and looking forward to the next one! 

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