Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lining the Hats

My part of McPherron and Sons hats was the quilted linings. The linings are made of silk with a thin wool batting for the quilted part.

We chose to go with the diamond pattern as it seemed to be the most common reoccurring theme in the photos of originals Michael has collected. And it was relatively easy to make as the pattern was continuous.

Previously michael had used custom woven labels on the inside but the originals seem to be stamped or embossed with the makers mark. And since you can find anything online now, I figured we could find a place to custom make us a stamp with his logo and then apply it to the lining using a metallic gold fabric paint. And sure enough we were able to do all that! Making the custom stamp online was ridiculously easy, and the fabric paint came from dharma trading company online as well.

The really hard part of the whole thing was getting the stamp to apply right, it took a lot of finagling with ink application and pressure and a lot of practicing on my part :)

The end result is truly very stunning which is a great match for the very stunning hats he makes. And it was a lot of fun to be a part of the process this time :)

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