Friday, November 30, 2012

The Start of Dickens Fair

Was last weekend, and it was a blast. The first weekend is always 3 days as we do the Friday after thanksgiving as well as the weekend. The first couple of weekends are my favorites as the crowds are a little thinner making it easier to walk around, and we all still have the energy to run around :)

Aside from a good start to the fair i also got to meet two wonderful fellow bloggers for the first time! Maggie of and Lauren of they are both wonderful women and amazing costumers. We got the opportunity on the last day to sit down and chat for awhile along with my friend Nicole of, which was just so much fun, so rarely do I get to sit with such creative and like minded people and enjoy such great conversation.

For the weekend I wore my new plaid skirt with various shawls and jackets. I have a large black velvet cape from last year as well as the new short military inspired jacket I made this year, though that one didn't last very long as I caught one of the braid loops and it tore so now I have some repair work to do before I can wear it again, which I most certainly will. And I did get to make lots of good use out of my new paisley shawl. 

Michael wore his Scottish kit. I love his Argyl and Sutherland Highlanders uniforms, the plaid is beautiful and it has so many little details and accessories, my favorite accessory being his badger sporran which I have named spot ;) and what girl doesn't love a man in a kilt? Right ;)

Michael wears a different regiment every weekend so this weekend will be the King's Royal Rifle Corp and I will wear my red silk from last year.

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