Monday, December 17, 2012

Updates from the Dickens Fair

As you can probably tell from my lack of posting the fair is keeping me very busy! What with all the traveling and long days AND a normal 9-5 job I haven't had time for anything else including sewing. 

But I am having an absolute blast again!! :)

There's not a lot of pictures to show for all the fun I am having, as I am too busy to stop and remember to take photos, so any photos are coming from other people that Michael finds on Facebook :)

Here is one of my friend Laura and I. I'm wearing the new silver dress and she is wearing my new plaid skirt and the Spanish jacket and waistcoat from last year. It's fun having someone my size to raid my closet and help me wear all my stuff ;)

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  1. Cait, I tried getting photos of you inside the Green Man but it was dark, and one would have been good but you put your fan in front of your face.:( Your gown looked wonderful though.