Thursday, December 20, 2012

Getting closer

To having this dress done on time!!

I was able to set and sew down all the braid on the front, complete with toggles and set and finished the collar :)

The braid and the whole dress in fact, is being stylized after a british military frock coat. Of which Michael has two of course ;) one for the Coldstream Guards the other for the 13th Hussars. This is a picture of his guards frock coat , up close for detail.

And this is of a Victorian officer wearing one.

It was a common practice in just about every era to incorporate military styling in women's fashion especially in hunt wear and overcoats.

My dress is really coming together, all that remains for this iteration of the dress is getting it hemmed which I will finish>tonight! In the future I intend to add to the sleeves, back and skirt, passementarie, like you see on the military frocks done in narrow black russia braid.


  1. Oh. My. God. That is absolutely to DIE FOR!! You are so amazing, and my hero. I cannot wait to see that in action!

  2. Cait - that looks wonderful! Please take LOTS of photos of you in it - I'm sure you will be adorable! So well done!


    1. Thank you!! Thank you!!
      I'll be sure to get lots of good photos for this dress :)

  3. It looks amazing!! Can't wait to see you in it :-D