Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ball gown bodice part 2

After the mock up the bodice went together smoothly :)

I lined in cotton and placed my mock up ,done in cotton coutil, in the middle for a little extra stability as my fashion fabric is pretty thin and flimsy. 

I set bones into all the side seams by sewing down my seam allowance to make a channel.

I didn't add bones to the darts or center front: a) because the front maintains its shape really well already and b) I'm lazy! ;)

I back closure will be eyelets for lacing closed, I will do those on the machine when I get home tomorrow though much faster then trying hand sew them all.

Even though you can't really tell in the fashion plate, I added little cap sleeves. And the decoration is actually a separate yoke the I made and then will tack that on to the bodice. It was easier to work with all those gathers that way then trying to get them directly on tote bodice. The white band is to tie it in with the overskirt and to help contain some of the puffiness, I got a little carried away there ;) 

Still quite a bit of finishing to go but I'm not too worried about getting it all done in time for Saturday evening, all the really big structural stuff is done now.

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