Tuesday, May 28, 2013

18th Century Embroidered Apron

I started and finished the apron all in one afternoon :) not a hard task as its just a large rectangle with finished edges and a casing at the top, now that being said, I am very proud of myself for hand sewing all that!
I ran a ribbon through the top casing to tie the apron on. Here it is over the curtain dress.
Then came the embroidery. I am using patterns from an old book of my grandmothers. I chose a design series that looked the most 18th century to me as the book the designs came from is not a historical one.
The embroidery will be in each of the two lower corners, center bottom and then the large design from above is in the lower middle center. The whole thing will be done in white as that is what I have seen the most of in originals.

I started on one of the corners, it goes relatively quickly as the stitch is simple and there are no color changes but I don't think it will be done before the challenge ends or even for when I was planning to wear it in three weeks. But it will give me a great period project to work on during the event :)

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