Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Curtain Along Plans - Revised

Ok putting on the brakes here! I got really excited about the early 18th century Robe Battante which would be perfect to wear with Michael and his new uniform from that time period but then the more i dug into it the more i felt myself moving away from the Curtain Along and setting myself up for more work then i could reasonably finish for the next HSF challnege.

Sooooo . . . that being said i am going to go back to my original idea of making a Caraco jacket out of my curtains to meet both challenges and then AFTER i am done with that i will start to work on making the Robe Battante, as that doesnt need to be worn unitl the middle of June.

So the Caraco jacket will be modeled after this original:

What i really like about it is the length of the skirt and the long lace undersleeves that and the way the fishu tucks into the front give the whole outfit a look i like. Actually i think already have a pattern that will do exactly this look . . . only now where did i put it ;)