Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My New Corset

And no I didn't make this one :) 
Yes I know I am perfectly capable of making my own corsets and have done so in the past but they aren't easy and so I left this one to the professionals at Dark Garden Corsetry in San Francisco 

The shop is a gorgeous colorful gem tucked into an alley and I have been ogling their product for over two years now! But this year I finally did it and got one of my own :) 

In typical Cait fashion I chose the most basic and historical shape, the Classic Victorian, in a pale pale pink duchesse satin so it could be worn with all my Victorian dresses. And while some day I would love to have a fully custom corset this one was from their "made to order" line. 
The best part of their corsets to me is the construction. You pick up the corset and can feel that it's well made. All spiral steel bones cut to fit and a front metal busk. The corset body has three layers if fabric for strength and stability and the edges were all bound in the same fabric. 
The fit for not being tailored to me is great, granted I am a fairly regularly shaped person if not a little short waisted so that's not too surprising I suppose. But the corset is so comfortable, no pinching or pressure points. And in this corset I can tighten down comfortably to a waist measurement a good inch smaller then I could on any of my other corset. And i never feel short of breath or faint. However I am now going to have to go back and tailor down many old gowns ;) 

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