Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Last Dress

So I have finally started to make progress on the last dress scheduled for Dickens fair. I had a big set back on my schedule due to an early season cold that had me down for a few weeks :( but I am much better now and really trying to get the dress done (or at least done enough to wear) for this weekend. 

The dress started months ago, when I made a mock up and fitted the top portion of the dress. Which then turned into the new black velvet jacket for this year :)http://cursewordsandcrinolines.blogspot.com/2012/11/black-velvet-jacket.html?
I had the whole dress cut out before the fair even started, but then things got put on hold during my cold. Now however the dress is assembled! And I am working on fitting and setting the front closure and hemming the dress. Here it is on the dress form, looking dark and plain. 

The dress is made out of a summer weight wool suiting in dark blue, and as it is all one piece it weighs a ton!! I like the look of it though, the princess cut is very flattering, and i think it will look great once it has it's military inspired decoration on the front (if I get that far this year ;)

Updates to follow shorty! As I am really determined and putting some long hours into it this week


  1. This is going to be so gorgeous.

    I miss you!!! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend xoxox,

    1. Thanks!!!

      Miss you too, can't wait for this weekend when we get to have the three musketeers back together :)