Monday, August 6, 2012

Costume College 2012

Due to the inordinate number of events Michael and I do every year we have started to prioritize those that are more expensive or more time consuming then the little one day dances or picnics. In this case for me this year it meant I had to forgo costume college :(

But I was still able to show up on Saturday for some shopping!! I did my usual stock up on patterns, more then I would like to admit to currently so don't bother asking ;) and I picked up a trinket or two also. 

The really fun part was spending time with all my friends from out of town who come down for the event! And just so I wouldn't feel too out of place, I dressed for theme this year which was the golden age of Hollywood. I wore my favorite early forty's dress that gets a lot of wear because it is so comfy and cute. The great new part of the outfit was my hair. I attempted the style with rolls on top of the head (the easy part) and then the long roll of all the remaining hair at the nape of my neck (the really hard part). 

It actually worked, I can't say I had any tricks or technique yet, just a lot of fiddling and copious quantities of bobby pins and hair spray :) these pictures were from the end of the day so the center back is starting to fall down . . . 

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