Monday, August 27, 2012

Point Fermin Lighthouse Picnic

. . . Was two Sundays ago. And despite the suffocating heat we have been suffering under here in southern California, it was a beautiful day out on the coast. High 70s when we were setting up and cooling down to the low 70s by the late afternoon. And right around 3 in the afternoon the most refreshing breeze blew in off the water. 

We were a very small group, as a lot of the regular crowd was our of town. But it was still a very fun little event and in such a beautiful setting :)

As per previous posts i had made a new dress for the event using parts of an old dress. And Michael wore his new hounds tooth suit, he looked very countrified ;)

From one angle:

And now for the other:

And no picnic is ever complete with out the dogs!


  1. Very pretty dress, and a gorgeous location for a picnic.

    1. Thank you!

      The location really made the event so neat :)