Friday, April 12, 2013

Embracing the Challenge

HSF Challenge #6: "Join the Historical Sew Fortnightly heroine and sew up some stripes!"

The challenge really seemed to encompass a wide range of eras from Jenni's 1930's dress to Sarah's regency under gown.

Jenni's dress was a lovely 20s to 30s transitional day dress done in a summery seersucker.

Mouse Borg made a very impressive striped fur muff! Having never worked in fur before I was quite enthralled and amazed with her project :)

And Sarah made a lovely Regency under gown for a ball gown that I just can't wait to see the finished results of. Spoiler alert, it's a sad post, her kitty had some trouble with the project and needed a serious vet visit but is fine now.

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