Thursday, April 11, 2013

Making My Bustle

I was going to make my bustle using the Laughing Moon pattern because I already had it lying around and it looked relatively easy. Then just before I got started I read about Jennifer's trials and tribulations with the pattern over at Historical Sewing
Her favorite pattern came from Truly Victorian and while I am familiar with how good those patterns are I didn't want the wait of having to order one online.

But then I remembered that Lauren over at American Duchess had recently patterned out a lobster tail bustle for her recent "green acres" dress.
Her post made the whole process sound so easy and painless and she was so happy with her results that I figured I could do it too!

As Lauren and I are of a size I decided to just make mine to the same measurements as hers. So far i have made it through the steps with little difficulty and am now just a few simple last steps from being complete!

I need to add my ruffle to the bottom edge and then insert the bones. Well in my case I am going to use round reed left over from making my pocket hoops last year :)

So far so good! I totally recommend American Duchesses pattern, it is clear and well explained. I cant wait to have this complete and try it with my dress :)


  1. Woot! I am so glad that post has been helpful. I look forward to seeing your finished result. I think I will likely be quite envious of the prettiness of yours. :-)

    1. I think you will find my bustle to be not nearly as pretty as the vibrant turquoise you made yours out of, which was so lovely. That pinkish beige color of my material is the result of very old faded bed sheets that are now getting a second life as one of my sewing projects ;) nothing pretty there just functional and cost efficient :)