Friday, April 5, 2013

New Hair

Kind of off topic but I'm excited so I couldn't resist sharing!

I changed my hair color around the beginning of this year to be closer to my natural color which has become quite dark, as a result the hair pieces I use for historical hair styles no longer match. So I got in touch with my friend Tracy Lynn over at The Historical Hairdresser and purchased a whole new set!

Two buns

Three small curl clusters

3 loose hanks for braids and such

And two big sausage curls

I'm very happy with everything and can't wait to get to use it :)


  1. Those are really pretty! How do you attach them?

    1. Bobby pins, lots and lots of bobby pins :)
      I usually start by styling the front of hair around my face and then pulling the rest of the length back into a bun. The bun then acts as a good anchor for the fake hair to be pinned to, many of the pieces also come with sewn in clips that help then attach