Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Coldstream Guards - Mock ups

As mentioned in the earlier post about which patterns we went with, I said we did full mock ups of every piece and ended up making a lot of changes!
The waistcoat needed to be about 4 inches longer and have the lower front edge hang straight rather then angled back.
The jacket needed a lot of work with the front curve being re cut, the armscye cut larger especially at the bottom and I added gussets to the underarm for ease across the chest and more mobility in the arm. The jacket is HUGE by the way! It's skirts are almost two full circles and the whole thing is only 4 pieces so its quite unwieldy to work with especially in the machine.
The pants had the most tailoring because the pattern has a nice loose fit, and we wanted a very snug fit. as you can see i took them in from multiple points and made them about 4 inches shorter so they would end just below the knee. In the above picture one leg has been fitted the other is the original.

All this work and just for patterns ;)

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