Thursday, June 6, 2013

Robe Battante Pattern and Mock Up

From previous posts I have been looking extensively into making a Robe Battante for an upcoming 18th Century event.

Two things that held me back from starting this project a month ago were the materials i had to work with at the time and having time to draft a pattern. Now having solved both of those problems I am finaly moving forward with this project.

To start i will be making the Robe out of a light slate blue silk that I have been oogeling for months, from one of my favortie shops in the garment district.

Then came patterning, I found this pattern from Reconstructing History:

The pattern, though getting the general idea right,  just didnt strike me as being completly what I was aiming to create, so with some heavy redrafting guided by the diagrams for the same era gown from the fabulous book "The Cut of Womens Clothing" by Norah Waugh, I was able to create these new pattern pieces for the mock up.

I changed the width of the sleeve, I wanted a more fitted sleeve. I made the hip extentions twice as wide on the front and backs, and i gave the front panels a more defined and clearly fitted arm hole. I extended the front edge 3 inches to have more fabric to drape down the front and i changes the back pleats for a narrower back width then the original pattern.

The mock up went together just like I had it in my head so i moved right into using it to cut out my silk :)

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