Monday, July 16, 2012

New Sleeves for Michael

I'm working on making new sleeves for Michael's Elizabethan court suit. Though we both loved the way the original pair turned out, after the event we found out that it was not period correct for mens sleeves to not match the body of the doublet that was more women's fashion. So now he will have sleeves that will match, since we have a renaissance fair coming up in two weeks.

Using illustrations and descriptions from this fabulous little book I found in some old stuff of Michael's, i cut out a sleeve pattern.

Then I made two slits per sleeve, one for the upper arm and one for the lower arm and ironed the slits open am sewed them down. 

Then using the old sleeves I cut long rectangles that had an X centered in the middle which I then set behind the slit so that it would show through. 

I'm now at the point of taking that in and then sewing the lining and sleeve together. And then the whole thing goes into the doublet.

I will say though that it has me thinking about changing the sleeves on my own renaissance dress . . . 

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