Thursday, August 30, 2012

An English Country Gentleman

Michael has a wonderful knack for scouting out and snagging some really great eBay finds, but I have to say when that houndstooth suit showed up I thought he had finally lost it ;)

The suit is loud and if you stare at the pattern too long it starts to move on you  I swear. and though i was skeptical Michael loved it and thought it would be the perfect piece for a summer picnic, and that he could go for the country gentleman/ shooting look.

Then I came across this book i hadn't yet seen in the research materials stash that is one of the bookshelves in Michael's back room:

And wouldn't you know it but right near the beginning was a man in almost exactly the same suit!
Now having seen this i could finally visualize the look he was going for and realized how great it would look with just a little sprucing up :) and he did look great in it when he wore it to the lighthouse picnic!


  1. That book is one of my favorites - I love anything with actual photography in it.

    1. I am absolutly in love with it now :) it has gotten me to look for more photos and extant pieces when doing my research