Friday, October 5, 2012

A sewing update

I'm still here I promise, life has just gotten super busy lately! 

I am still sewing, it's just that there is little that is noteworthy right now. I am finishing up the silver dress, setting the hem and the front closure (boring).

And I have started draping the next 1850s project which is a short fitted jacket. There wasn't a pattern I could find that would do what I had in mind so I am just making my own pattern. I spent the weekend draping and tacking and pinning and marking and readjusting and seam ripping and then repeating till my little fingers hurt! (tedious) 

And because its fall (yes I know it was 100 degrees on Monday) I can't help myself but start crocheting again. I am making granny squares because they are quick, small counts and easy to carry with me. 

See nothing noteworthy ;)

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