Friday, October 26, 2012

Time to start collecting . . .

For Dickens fair that is. And the first few pieces to arrive are a shawl, a calling card case and a new set of boots. 

The boots are from oak tree farms ( and are wonderful, they have the right shaped heel and look and are well made. 

Though they do run very small so go a size up. 

These are the veil, but there are other really good looking boots for the Victorian era. I also want a pair of the Catherine's, they have a canvas upper and leather lowers.

Next is this cute little silver calling card case that will hold my money nicely and has a little ring at the top to hang from my chatelaine.

I have been watching lots of items on eBay for chatelaines. I would like a nice little sewing set to wear at fair as I am often mending something or the other for someone during the fair. I hoping for a scissor, pin cushion and needle case. Maybe a tape measure or thimble holder too :)

And last but not least is the shawl, and this was a really big score for me as I have badly wanted a Victorian paisley shawl since last year and they usually go for more than I am willing to spend. But finally after much patient searching I found one I liked and in good condition and was able to snag it in my price range!!

It's mostly black which I think will actually make it more versatile. And it's huge, it this picture it's folded into quarters and is taking up most of my full size bed :) 

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