Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ancient underwear

Or at least that's what my sister calls it when I make period undergarments. In this case though it is more of an over garment for said undergarments. 

As creative procrastination I decided to make a short robe/ boudoir jacket to go with my new chemise and drawers for Dickens this year (mind you the chemise and drawers are still sitting in pieces in the sewing room, that's the level of creative procrastination I have attained ;).

I based the jacket off of this fashion plate drawing from my harpers bazaar book.

To avoid having it look like part of a wedding trousseau  I added the purple accents to it. And the lace trim is actually 3 different trims put together :)

The sleeves are definitely my favorite part, open and flowy like the fashion plate.

Okay now back to real work ;)

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