Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Cupcake

I thought I would take a moment to share with you the progress I am making on "The Cupcake" dress since A. that is all I have on my mind right now because I have to finish it for an event in just two short weeks and B. all the new goodies I have been buying up from Ebay are at Michaels and therefore cannot be photographed to share with you till this weekend when I am up there again.

 I shall first explain that "The Cupcake" is/ will be an 1870's ball gown for the upcoming spring SDI Ball. The idea for a frothy pink dress came at the inspiration of some blush colored satin donated to my fabric habit by my friend Stella, that was left over from her wedding. The color was just so lovely and sweet, and I thought pink would be just the thing for a spring ball. I chose the 1870s because I just adore the first bustle era. And I find it to be the least duplicated when it comes to Victorian events. I chose to copy a fashion plate as I so often do. I call it "The Cupcake" with utter disdain in my voice because it is really turning into a sweet, frilly, monstrosity that is really not in line with what I usually like to make . . . all the more fun I think 


This fashion plate I found in the archives of The Bartos Collection. (I find her massive collection of fashion plates to be an invaluable resource). What was so appealing about it was that the majority of the dress is actually white and the pink is the secondary color and would not really sit against my skin, as pink is not really a color I look terribly great in but I can pull it off in combination with other colors. The other really appealing thing about the dress was that it had such a huge bustle with oodles of frilly lace and flowers, the dress just screams early bustle :)

I have been attacking the dress one element at a time and incorporating pattern or pattern pieces where I can. The skirt is a Truly Victorian pattern, I will just trim it with ruffle and gathering to match the fashion plate.


The over skirt I am having to drape myself without aide of a pattern. This is a look at my initial attempt, I'm pretty satisfied with it, just I little fine tuning I think.


More to come soon . . .  :)

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