Monday, March 26, 2012

Some more new vintage items

As afore mentioned, the SDI ball was on Saturday. As I have not yet fully recovered from the event nor collected adequate pictures to share it with you, I shall share instead the vintage purchase that arrived last week.

The parasol handle is finally here, it is a lovely and delicate piece, about 8 inches long with a carved floral motif. It is the perfect diameter for my parasol. Michael is going to work on attaching it for me this week as he is far better at that sort of work then I. It is clearly made of bone, of which the seller noted, but it has a obvious great age and so it is likely that it could be old ivory but I do not know how to tell the difference between ivory and bone. Not that it matters to me though, just an observation on my part. (sorry the photos are so yellow, I was working in bad lighting)

Next was this lovely little chiffon embroidered scarf. It's very delicate and sweet and for a $1 it was too pretty to pass up :)

Finally, the piece de resistance, an eBay UK find. When this item first went up I was so sure it would shoot right out of my price range in no time. But it didn't and I was able to snag it for a very good price :)

Dingy damage looking little purse you say? How can she be excited about that?

Except, inside it is in great condition! It's a lady's traveling vanity case complete with matching perfume bottles, a mirror, pockets to hold other vanity items and on the back side of the bottle is set up to hold a manicure set.

The bottles don't appear to have been used or if they were they we're cleaned out really well. Both bottle tops in crew and inside and has the little glass applicator wand!

This is just the kind of fun gorgeous detail I like to collect. It will look great sitting open on the vanity table of our room this year for the Art Deco Festival on The Queen Mary.

That's all for now, I have curtailed my vintage purchasing for a while to focus on upcoming events. But who knows if something amazing comes around, I just might have to snag it!! :)

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