Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Next Project

So the next big project in the line up is my outfits ( yes that was plural) for the Anza Napoleonic war reenactment which takes place the first weekend of May. 
Michael has already acquired a nicely done reproduction British uniform, and is successfully tracking down the remaining elements of the ensemble. 

I am planning on making: undergarments (short stays, rather then long), a day dress with removable long sleevses, an evening gown, a spener jacket with removable skirt, and a poke bonnet. 

The undergarments are already in process with notes to follow soon. The day dress will be made out of a white handkerchief weight cotton that has a small floral print on it.

 I want to do removable long sleeves because I don't know what to expect out of the weather and don't want to freeze the whole time, or be too hot depending. And it was a period thing to do :)

The evening gown will be out of the embroidered silk chiffon I purchased on my last District trip. 
I think I will do the cross over style of gown as it is easy to get in and out of by myself and will have a more smoothly draped front to better display the embroidery.  The chiffon will be draped over a plain cotton under dress. And I'm thinking a turban for a headdress but I haven't committed myself to that idea yet because I haven't looked into how hard it is to make a Regency turban yet. Though I feel that I a Regency turban might be easier to do then actually making my hair look period and pretty while camping ;)


The spenser jacket will be out of a chocolate brown wool, again another District purchase. I don't know if it was period or not but I want to make the spenser jacket with a detachable floor length skirt. That way I can have the period jacket look and yet also have a long jacket for warmth if needed . . . Noticing a theme here aren't you? Well the event is in the desert in the middle of spring and the weather can be screwy that time of year. Either too hot or too cold or both. So I am planning to dress accordingly 


I'm not sure where to start on the poke bonnet but I have seen and saved a few hopeful looking tutorials on easily creating one out of a modern straw hat and such. This and the turban are going to be where I will need to do the most research. And shoes of course, which I have not put any thought into, though Lauren of American Duchess just did a great post on dyeing and decorating her regency shoe "The Pemberley". That led to some interesting ideas ping ponging through the brain . . .  


Everything else I feel pretty confident with . . . as long as I'm not rushing to finish, that is ;)




  1. You might want a boot for daywear, rather than slippers. Anza terrain has tons of rocks! The Robert Land ones are pretty good - also work for Dickens:

  2. Oh that's a great thought! And thanks for the link super helpful :)