Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The cream walking parasol

On Sunday, after spending the majority of the weekend out of town and most of the day on the road, Michael sat down with the pieces of my cream walking parasol and put it together!!

He had to grind the end of the wooden parasol shaft down in diameter till it was the same, if not a little smaller then the handle, in order to get the handle to fit on properly and securely. It was slow work and he took his time to be careful and make sure that he narrowed it evenly. The end result is fabulous, totally stunning, I am very happy with the way it came out! And I really appreciate all the time and effort he put into it!!

The parasol is going to be so much fun, and such a great period accessory. I love the contrast between the cream canopy and handle and the golden of the wood. The handle is also very slim and so the whole thing is very delicate and elegant. I'm very excited to get to use it this weekend for the Titanic Centennial Commemoration Picnic  at the Lanterman House, so be prepared for more pictures :)

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