Friday, April 13, 2012

Teens era hairstyle

Since this weekend will be THE BIG WEEKEND for all titanic costume events I thought I would share my teens era hairstyle tutorial that I have used to much success :)

Last summer a tutorial was posted to one of the costuming groups I am a member of. At the time I had no use for it but thought it was very good, and on a subject I hadn't seen anything else on, so I saved to to one of my "things to remember" files for future reference. And low n behold here come all these Teens era events flooding in and I have the perfect little hair tutorial stashed in my "things to remember" folder! 

And what a great little tutorial it is! Simple, short and sweet! Very easy to follow and with a finished result that is period and sophisticated. I definitely recommend it!! 

The girl doing the tutorial has very long hair, mine is shoulder length and pretty thick and I was able to duplicate the look just fine. 

I didn't use the hair rats as instructed, because I didn't have any with me, but will for sure next time.
Sadly at the event I first wore it to I never took my hat off, so the full effect of the hair was never realized :) this was the best shot of it I could get.

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