Friday, April 20, 2012

Elizabethan court suit round 2:

The end is near!!!! Tomorrow first thing actually. 

And I can actually say that I think I'll make it! I set the slashes in the doublet and closed up and finished the front seams. Button holes are done and I will sew the buttons on during the train ride north, happening in just a few minutes :)

The sleeves are done, was even able to decorate them. They are very rich looking and the detail will help counter act the plain wool of the rest of the suit. I'll set the sleeves into the doublet late this evening when I get home. 

Michael is working in his hat this evening, it sounds like it is going to look great though I haven't seen it yet. 

All in all I think I actually won this in the end after all, though I have to say it was very touch and go there for awhile ;)

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