Monday, April 30, 2012

Regency - undergarments

I am now 95% finished with my undergarments. And thought to share my progress.

The chemise is complete, I made it out of a printed cream on white cotton.

I know it's not a period fabric but I had a lot of it in my fabric stash, left over from my grandmother's quilting collection. It won't matter as the chemise will not be seen by anyone. I chose to make the chemise longer then the pattern called for because I wanted as much coverage as possible for this era, and I also am not planning on making the period drawers often worn under Regency dresses.

The short stays were a great learning experience for me and I am happy with how they turned out. I chose to make them boned rather then corded or quilted simply for the quickness and ease of setting bones over the other more period options.

I also chose to detach the sleeves and tie them on through eyelets, because I have large shoulders and the attached sleeves never sit well on my form. The last thing remaining is to hand sew the eyelets for the front lacing and sleeve ties. Which I am slowly working through each night after other sewing. I am averaging 2 eyelets a night before I fall asleep ;)

I also opted to make a petticoat as the dresses are thin and I want to have a good full skirt. I might go back and cord it in the future but for now it is plain. I made it kind of like a jumper, with a bodice back but no front just a drawstring at the waist line to hold it in. Its simple, easy to wear and adds very little extra bulk. It is a design I had seen in another blog, only now I don't remember where and since i didn't save it i cant find it again to give that other costumer credit, sadly. 

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  1. Lady, your sewing is incredible and I wish I had you to teach me to sew so beautifully! Bully for you on your accomplishment! And it looks wonderful on you, too ;)

    Take care,