Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Embroidered Pocket


I first attempted an embroidered pocket way back in May of last year ( remember this post:

Well after a couple months on the one I had started I decided I hated it and crumpled it into a little ball and threw it away. It was simply awful, but to be fair only my second attempt and embroidery.

So then this last weekend happened and I was sitting around the house enjoying a relaxing weekend and watching Michael pack everything back away from this years Dickens run, and I decided I wanted something to do with my hands. And out came the other half of that embroidered pocket

I will admit that what i started with (flowers at the bottom) I pulled out and did again after finishing everything else because I got much better as I went.

And voila! Two days later and you have an embroidered pocket, finished and ready to go :)

I enjoyed the work so much I might attempt another such project soon, though I can feel my normal sewing about to take off any day now ;)


  1. So cute! Your peacock on that other project might get jealous ;-p


    1. hahaha he started it actually ;)
      it's because I was doing so well with the embroidered peacock that I had started so I could have a little pocket trash ( for Dickens that I even attempted the above.