Friday, January 25, 2013

Where good sewing projects go to die

The stacks, I call them.

Here is my list of unfinished sewing projects, from which I will be finally completing one for the next
HSF challenge:
1. Ball gown bodice to match red silk 1860s dress
2. Ball gown bodice to match silver 1860s dress
3. Jacket to match already made skirt of a turn of the century walking suit in green
4. Late 18th century chemise de la reine
5. Striped silk robe a'la francaise
6. Skirt for the brown wool regency Spenser jacket
7. Black velvet late Elizabethan open gown
And in a completely different pile of unfinished projects there's a men's sack suit in brownish plaid wool for Michael ;)

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