Thursday, January 31, 2013

HSF Challenge # 2

The Challenge: "to get something off your UFO pile, Finish off something that's never quite gotten done, or stalled halfway through, start a project you've always meant to do but never had the excuse for, or create a UFO that you'll finish in another challenge."

I decided to finish the jacket from my turn of the century walking suit started two years ago.  

Fabric: it's some polyester something or  another that came from the stash. What i like is that it looks woven and is a light green ish blue. I lined the jacket in navy blue acetate. (I forgot how much I hate that stuff!)
Pattern: Truly Victorian pattern #498 1898 Eton jacket. As this was an earl piece for me it appears to be unmodified.
Year: 1898 

Notions: none at all, it's very simple fashion fabric and lining. I could have boned the seams for stability, but decided against it in the end.

How accurate: I'm going to be generous here and give myself a 8 out of 10. Points docked for non period fabric choices. But the pattern was drafted from a period pattern and they had sewing machines at that point so that counts in my favor too.
Hours to complete: 4, two nights of sewing after work.

First worn: the skirt and blouse were worn a few years back, no idea when I'll wear the whole out fit with the jacket. It's not an era I do a lot in, but I feel it's good to have at least one outfit per era is possible ;)

Total cost: no clue! It was all stash fabric from so long ago I don't remember what I paid.