Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm joining the Historically Sew Fortnightly

I know right, like I need another project on my plate! But of the first 7 challenges already posted, I already have all of them except one,either upcoming for the year or currently in process so I am going to try for it! :) wish me luck, and stop shaking your head at me with that sad look on your face like I'm a crazy person ;)

As a result I am reposting my embroidered pockets post with additional info as it qualifies for the pre challenge. Here you go:

HSF Challenge 0: Starting Simple

Fabric- I embroidered on a lightweight cotton coutil

Pattern- I just drafted the pocket myself based on looking at examples of originals. The embroidery design came from one of my grandmothers quilting books on early American quilt patterns.

Year- 18th century, general not specific, as I put different design elements into it so it doesn't have an exact date

Notions- I used cotton DMC embroidery floss. Next time I would like to work in silk or with metallics

How historically accurate- scale of one to ten I'd give myself a five or six. The embroidery was all done by hand and the design was of the 18th century. But the  pocket it's self was machine stitched together.

Hours to complete- I'm guessing about 12 to 16, I basically sat for two days, it was so nice to relax for that long :)

First worn- I will be wearing it for the first time this weekend 

Total cost- hard to say, it all came out of the stash . . .

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