Monday, April 22, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #8

HSF Challenge #8: "The By The Sea challenge is all about nautical fashions, whether you make something to wear on the sea, by the sea, or in the sea (or lake or river)." 

For this challenge I chose to make a Victorian swimsuit! I have always loved them and never had a good excuse to make one until now :)

Fabric: because I could I made this out of wool which is what they would have used. The wool is a deep navy, almost black and with a light weight hand, it's probably a mid weight suiting, it's also the same fabric I used to make the big Hussars dress for Dickens' last year. 
And then a dark navy cotton for lining.

Pattern: from my last post, I found a Folkwear Pattern -
It wasn't too bad but definitely goes together like a modern garment rather then a historical one. But I just adjusted around it as needed and it worked out fine, and I didn't have to mess with draping and all that time consuming nonsense. 

Year: I'd put this style somewhere in the late 1880s to about 1900. No later then that.

Notions: the usual thread and buttons from the stash, also a little elastic for the leg and arm openings. Then a fair bit of white grosgrain ribbon for decoration.

How historically accurate is it: I'm gonna give this one an 8 out of 10. The materials content are correct as is the cut and decoration. Even the machine sewing is in its favor. I dock points for the pattern though.

Hours to complete: I'm gonna go with about 20 from cut out to finish.

First worn: not yet, not even for photos :) I will try to get those up later today. I finished it up last night, took one look at myself in the mirror and said yeah that can wait till tomorrow when I look more human. I'm not sure when it will be worn out to an event though as I don't have one in mind yet, but I'll find something :)

Total cost: $10 for the pattern, $30 for the wool and the rest came from the stash. 

Yes I even made the silly little cap to match ;)!


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    1. Thanks! I really do toom though I wish i had a reason to wear it :)

  2. That looks great! I have the same pattern waiting to be made (circumstances prevented me from completing the by the sea challenge unfortunately), glad to hear it went together easily! And the cap actually looks way cuter made up than it does in the illustrations

  3. Wonderful! how about a photo shoot - then you would get to wear it!