Monday, April 1, 2013

The Garment District

I am lucky enough to live near enough to Downtown LA and the garment district. Which is an incredible area to buy fabric with dozens of shops and sellers with a huge variety of fabrics sold by the yard at often whole sale prices.

I try to go no more then a hand full of times a year to keep my fabric hoarding to the bare min of what I need to sew right now. And I try to go when I have more then one thing on my list. 

We went on saturday and while the trip was mainly to get fabric for a big upcoming project of Michaels, I did get quite a few things for some of my own upcoming projects.

The large black is cotton velvet for something renaissance and as a fabric staple. The smaller blue is wool for an upcoming HSF challenge.

The purple and gold will be for a bustle dress or two :)

This light blue has a future as a twenties dress:

And the shear cotton is going to be a chemise d'la reine at some point when I get around to it :) 


  1. Great finds! Do you have any tips for or favorite stores in the Garment District? I'm from the Inland Empire and have only been to the Garment District once (waaaaay back in the day when my friend was looking for clothes, waaaaay back before I wanted to get into sewing).

    1. When I go fabric shopping in the district I always try to go with friends or meet friends down there or I make Michael go with me.
      1.Plan for a long day with a lot of walking and carrying of your purchases.
      2. Come with a well prepared list of what you are lookin for complete with yardage requirements. Mine often reads like " blue wool 5yds 1860s skirt" "something for 1920s 2-3yds" so that I know what I'm making not just what fabric I want because sometimes you find something better that just speaks to you :)
      3. Carry cash: for parking, and for purchases. Most shops take cards now but they like cash and you can often negotiate for a better price if you are paying cash.
      4. If you can handle it haggle, if a shop doesn't want to haggle they'll let you know but most will and then you can get a better price. Remember these people know their market well and what they paid for the material and won't let anything out the door with out making a profit, even though they may tell you otherwise :)

      I do have favorite shops but I couldn't tell you where they are or what they are called because I just know them from site. Just from shopping down there so often.

    2. Awesome! Thanks so much for the advice, I really appreciate it. I'm very new to all of this and am trying to be as organized and informed as I can (without getting too overwhelmed). :)

  2. Glad to help! That's why I recommended going with friends. They can be very helpful and make it more fun.

  3. The light blue fabric is just gorgeous. So envious! I'm not aware of anything like the Garment District anywhere in the UK.

    1. Thank you! Yes the blue fabric was not a planned buy, it caught my eye in a shop and I had to have it!!! :)