Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Coldstream Guards - Progress, mostly constructed

Here is the uniform mostly constructed:
The breeches are complete with the exception of buttons at this point.
The waistcoat has been fully constructed, its just waiting to have its pocket flaps decorated and the front trimmed in gold lace, and then I can set the front edge closed. the waistcoat will open and close from the back with a lace up closure.
Here you can see one waistcoat pocket with its gold lace decoration:
The coat is all together but sans lining and cuffs as those will go on after the gold lace has been added to the front. As a result i will be setting that lining in by hand, which i am sooooooo not looking forward to as it will be a lot of fiddling and pinning and then a whole ton of hand sewing, oh well :)
All three of these pieces as you see them here were cut out and constructed to this point in just three days! Michael and I made a big push over memorial weekend to get the project well underway to try and catch up to the deadline and I think we really did a good job with it, and it was definitely a team effort :)

Currently Michael is working on all that gold lace which has to be done by hand, not an easy feat for sure! And i am starting in on the those long white gators . . . that is in conjunction with the other sewing i am doing for myself at the same time ;)