Saturday, June 22, 2013

NorCal Pirate Festival

Last weekends event was up in the Bay Area on the water front. This was the second year we have attended the Northern California Pirate Festival. 
As with last year we had an absolute blast with all our friends as part of Government House. 

Michael participated with the military guys and the governor and I spent my time with the ladies. 

There was a little sewing and a lot shopping and shenanigans :) on Sunday morning a few of us ladies ran away and joined the girls at the House of the Rising Sun and played at being courtesans till we were discovered and chased out ;)  We ladies even got to play the key role in rescuing the governor after he was kidnapped by pirates. 

The weather was actually cool and made wearing all the clothing pleasant though it was almost too windy for me to walk around on Saturday for fear of being blown right off the ground in that big dress.

On Sunday evening my friend laura and I played a betting game from the 18th century that ending up being silly and fun.

We had a great lunch both days with everyone pitching in and providing something and Juliana making sure was all beautifully presented and well displayed.

Both Michael and I were very happy with how our outfits turned out and held up to the two day event.

I tried to remember to take more pictures this time but the lot was still pretty weak ;)

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