Monday, June 3, 2013

HSF Challenge #11 - Squares, Triangles and Rectangles

"Many historical garments, and the costumes of many people around the world, use basic geometric shapes as their basis. In this challenge make a garment made entirely of squares, rectangles and triangles (with one curve allowed), whether it is an 18th century kimono, a flounced 1850s skirt, or a medieval shift."
I made a rectangle apron and triangle fichu to be worn with any of my 18th Century ensembles.

Fabirc: a very fine cotton muslin

Pattern: Didn't really have one, with the exception of the fichu diagram found on the web.

Year: Generic 18th Century

Notions: floss for the embroidery and ribbon for the waist tie on the apron

How accurate: I'm giving this a 9 out of 10 becuase the material is correct, and both items were hand sewn.

I'm holding off on the last point because i am unsure of the accuracy of the embroidery pattern.

Hours to create: the construction on the apron took like 2, the fichu was about the same, so 4 hours total though that is not including the embroidery design in the challenge becasue it is an embellishment to the challenge, that and its not even close to being done ;)

First worn: not yet, but will be in just a few weeks.

Totaly Cost: Not too sure as all of it came from the stash, i do remeber paying about $4 per yard for the fabric, but this didnt even use up more than a yard or so.

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