Friday, May 31, 2013

Coldstream Guards Patterns and Materials

To get us started in the right direction with the construction of the unifrom we purchased 3 patterns. The frist was the button fly breeches from Rocking Hrse Farms

the last two were from Reconstructing History: their 1740s frock coat and

the 1740s-1760s waistcoat

we chose these patterns after Michael spent a lot of time looking at different options for each piece and reading lots of customer reviews and reenactos blogs. We knew going in that there would be a lot of changes to the patterns and made room in the schedule to do full mock ups (which you will see in the next post).

The main fabric is a farily heavy weight Metlton wool in scarlet. The interlinning is a medium weight canvas and the lining is a very light weight navy wool. The cuff facings are going to be in navy wool that matches the linning nearly to perfection and the gold braid on the jacket and waistcoat is a two inch wide gold lace of a generic pattern. the buttons are domed brass in three different sizes for the jacket, waistcoat and pants.

I am making the gators like in the portait and those will be made out of a heavy linen with bone buttons.

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