Thursday, June 28, 2012

Black and white bustle gown

The dress I wore last Sunday to the picnic was one I had made last summer for a fashion show. The theme of the fashion show was Victorian fashion in art. I love Tissot's work and knew that I wanted to do one of his. I chose the painting "A ball on shipboard" and chose the white and black dress that is the main focus of the painting.

The simplicity of the dress in both decoration and style is what made it so attractive to me. 

I made my dress out of white cotton. The under skirt is plain white cotton but for some contrast I chose a triple pin tuck white cotton for the bodice and apron. The lace is white with white work embroidery and I ran the black ribbon through for the black detail as in the painting.  

I used Truly Victorian patterns; the vest basque bodice, parlor skirt and bustled apron over skirt.  For my undergarments to achieve the right shape I used a modern crinoline under a short bustle, made using the laughing moon pattern (#112 - hoops and bustles). 

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  1. I love this dress! The trim is great. I am such a fan of simple color combinations.