Friday, June 8, 2012

To fichu or not to fichu

So I did my first fitting with the polonaise the other night and aside from being ecstatic about how it is coming along, I noted that it sits very low in the chest, right on the edge of my stays and while I was hoping i would not have to wear a fichu with this dress, as the extra layer will only add to the heat that day, I feel certain that I will  now. Not to mention for those that don't know me, I really should hide the massive tattoo across my shoulders, if I want to look period accurate :)

So I started looking specifically for period examples of women wearing a fichu to get ideas for what I will do and thought to share with you all.

The first one being my favorite so far :) I really like the style with the ruffled edge.


  1. I like your tattoo, but the fichu look is pretty. I like how the one second from the bottom sits a little lower - that might be more comfortable in the heat, not having it up at your neck.

    1. Yes I was thinking something like that too, and funny you should choose the second from the bottom one as that has been my single inspiration piece :)