Friday, June 29, 2012

More fabric = more events

So I got talked into going to labyrinth of Jareth this weekend with our friends. They are coming down to LA just for the event and staying with us so it was hard to say no :) and I always have fun with them! 

So another event meant more sewing and as labyrinth is a fantasy event, I actually didn't have anything to wear! My friend is going in a Turkish themed costume from a previous event and Michael is going to wear his Indian army kit complete with turban, so to stay with the theme they have I am making a little Turkish ish costume using a combination of gypsy patterns.

So it was off to Lincoln fabrics and this is what I came away with: 

The diamond is my favorite! I totally fell in love with it and it was super expensive, almost $50 a yard!!! So I am using it for little accents and details and only purchased a half yard.

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