Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A New Wig!

I picked up my new wig last night! I'm super excited, I think it looks great and am so looking forward to wearing it with the whole outfit this weekend :)

I purchased the wig from Tracy Lynn at The Historical Hairdresser,http://www.thehistoricalhairdresser.com/, I have gotten a number of things from her in the past and am always happy with her work.

Pardon the very bad pictures, I just thru it on my in the living room after work and snapped a few quick shots so I could share it with you :)

it makes my forehead look gigantic ;p

All the curls and rolls in the back are so fabulous though and I like that its a pomp with out being too tall, this will sit great under my straw hat.


  1. I was so thrilled to just find this. I ordered a custom 18thc. wig from Miss Tracy, and it is supposed to be on it's way to me now! I can't wait to see it, but yours is gorgeous, so I am sure mine will be too!
    I had not heard of her before, and found her serendipitously, and I am so excited for mine to arrive! Her work looks amazing, and you look beautiful in yours!

    1. I am very excited for you! I am so happy with her work she always does the most wonderful and creative things :)