Saturday, March 10, 2012

LA Garment district

Last Friday I took the opportunity to join some friends in the garment district for some much needed fabric shopping.

And shop we did! It was a total blast, everyone left happy and a little poorer. I know I did for sure :) 

I am a notorious and compulsive planner so I always prepare for a trip to The District well in advance. I like to have a specific list of fabrics defined by type and era with yardages. I find it helps keep me on track. If its not on the list I can't get it . . . Well unless it's really fabulous ;) 

Here's a peek at what I snagged, all of which you will see in upcoming projects.

This was the find of the day, an embroidered silk chiffon. It just spoke to me :)

This was not on the list but too pretty to pass up, I love that it's reversible.

Ahhhh so much fabric and so little time. 

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